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The Worldwide Kingdom Ministry was established in 2010. The ministry began with not even a handful of people. Our very first service was held at the Forum Hotel in Pompano Beach, Florida. Our services were held once a week at The Forum and then gradually more people would show up. Our services then increased to two days per week. TWKM gradually built membership through the word of God and the demonstration of God's power through Prophet Kervin Dieudonne.  From there, The Lord favored us with our own building on Powerline Rd. which was located in Pompano Beach. Our stay on Powerline lasted for two years, until the space became too small and had to locate a larger space.  There were countless miracles and blessings that was released in each service through the anointing on Prophet Kervin's life. We relocated to a larger space in Deerfield Beach. We faced many challenges at this location. We met people that were broken and hopeless. We encountered voodoo priests and exposed gang member activities which resulted in them no longer functioning in the neighborhood. The power of God was evident in that place and they were not able to operate there satanic rituals so they became powerless.  One day during a service, the Lord told Prophet that he will move the ministry to another location. With the instructions from the Lord, we relocated to Oakland Park, to a place we would call home. Once again, the place became too small shortly after moving there. God brought different cultures and ethnicities to our ministry. Restoration started happening. People received deliverance and healing instantly. We experienced gold dust in the services and oil in the palms of people's hands as ministration took place. The Holy ghost would come upon the people and they would be filled with holy laughter. People started receiving supernatural money in their bank accounts.


  As we started growing, the demand for different activities to serve our member's needs increased. We would have a revival monthly to revive the body of Christ.  Restoration and Life had to take place in order for chains to be broken. We have people that society condemned stating they would be a statistic however, God changed their statuses. Many people went from broken homes to being successful in the ministry. As they follow the teachings, God's power through Prophet Kervin revealed The Lord’s purpose and plan for their lives.  As a church we have overcome hardship and struggles, even as we continue to grow and gain new members. We are a multicultural ministry. Everyone is welcomed at our ministry. When you visit you will experience a TWKM welcome.  God has blessed us with a supportive spiritual parents Prophet Dr. Kervin and Prophetess Melissa Dieudonne. They are dedicated to serving the body of Christ through their unique teachings, word of wisdom, word of knowledge, and reinforcing the value of being a child in the Kingdom of God. As we grow in membership, Prophet Kervin has birthed several branches from our headquarters, House of Glory, The Cornerstone House, House of The Word and many more to come. Prophet Kervin's vision is to teach and bring revelation to the body of Christ. Prophet is the founder of The School of Theology and the Prophets. The school is accredited by the state of Florida to equip God's people. Prophet has written several books to enlighten God's people.  The Worldwide Kingdom Ministry is blessed to have a selfless and patient covering like Prophet Kervin Dieudonne. As we follow where the Lord is leading him our ministry will conquer regions, territories and nations. They will experience the fire that’s inside of our ministry.

Vision & Mission

VISION: To lead every soul into the Kingdom of God through breaking the chains of bondage and bringing restoration to the broken through the power of Christ. To empower believers through the Word of God and the fire of the Holy Ghost.

​MISSION: To ignite a fire around the world through bringing prophecy, healing and deliverance to every soul. To teach believers the way of the Kingdom. To preach to unbelievers about repentance through the Word of GOD.

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